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Nordea Bank AB (publ)

Address: Essendrops gate 7, 0368 OSLO
Phone: +47 22485000
Web: www.nordea.no

Electronic services, risk & cash management

Nordea is the leading financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic Sea area. Nordea is present in 19 countries including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, where they operate full service banks with nationwide branch networks. In other countries the subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and special advisors offer a broad range of banking services to companies operating internationally.
Consultant & Partner
Globalization, establishment in new markets and increasing e-commerce are creating new business opportunities for forward-looking companies. But the rapid development imposes requirements for more efficient cash management. Nordea offers its services as a consultant and partner. To a large extent cash management is about being able to see the big picture so one can more easily simplify complex processes and isolate the most important elements within large quantities of data. In collaboration with the client, Nordea makes an assessment of capital flow, and on the basis of this creates solutions that are both practical and profitable.
Electronic Services
Electronic services represent fundamental changes in the way businesses function. The advantages are clear: e-services simplify administration, reduce margins of error, are easy to manage and reduce costs. Another aspect of interest is that they can strengthen customer relations. The number of electronic invoicing transactions is increasing dramatically as more and more companies come to see the benefits of such services. Changeover to such technology provides opportunity for future cost savings.
Risk Management
All companies have a certain element of risk connected to their operations. Interest rates rise and fall, exchange rates and prices on raw materials fluctuate, and accounts receivable have an inherent instability. There can also be risk in connection with acquisitions of other companies or establishment in new markets. The best means by which to reduce such elements of risk is to implement modern methods of risk management. Nordea has tools and models for analysing different forms of risk, and products designed for hedging risks of a specific nature.
Nordic & Baltic Markets
Companies doing business in the Nordic or Baltic region have added benefits from choosing Nordea as their partner. The entire region is Nordea’s domestic market, which allows a large degree of flexibility.