Carisma Seafood AS

Address: Maritim Park, 6710 RAUDEBERG
Phone: +47 57852915

High Quality Norwegian White Fish


Carisma seafood


Carisma is a supplier of MSC-certified line-caught Cod and Haddock. Carisma also catches Ling, Tusk, Redfish, Catfish, Greenland Halibut, Monkfish, Saithe, Atlantic White Halibut and other species. 



Carisma has a steady supply of delicious, healthy seafood products from the sustainable fisheries from the cold, clear arctic waters of the Barents Sea. The company’s vessel, “Carisma Viking” fishes in these rich waters and brings tomorrows dinner to the table.


The vessel “CARISMA VIKING” supplies the finest line-caught sea frozen MSC cod and haddock from the Barents Sea. Carisma's sea frozen fillets are produced aboard the state of the art vessel giving teh consumer a superior quality, “As fresh as it gets”!   


Carisma can also supply land frozen or fresh fish on request, according to the customer's requirements. The main species offered are: Cod, Haddock, Tusk, Ling, Greenland Halibut, Saithe, Catfish, Monkfish, Redfish and Arctic White Halibut. 

Carisma fresh fish


Norwegian fish is harvested with care in the ice-cold and clean Arctic waters. Skilled fishermen combine centuries of tradition with modern fishing vessels furnished with the highest standard processing plants.


In order to allow other markets to enjoy Norwegian fish, the best way to transport fish from the vessels to global markets is through freezing the fish at sea. All fish that are caught on board Carisma‘s vessels are frozen-at-sea, (FAS). The quick-freezing process locks-in the superior quality and freshness of the fish.




Carisma is a Norwegian fishing company with a rich heritage that spans over 80 years. The company owns and operates ocean-going longline fishing vessel that catch and produce whitefish from the Barents Sea.


With over 80 year of fishing expertise and team of experienced fishermen, Carisma has worked hard to develop long-standing customer relationships over the decades. Carisma are fortunate to have their quotas in the rich cold waters of the Barents Sea, and they are committed to maintaining a steady supply of delicious, healthy seafood products from the sustainable fisheries in the Barents Sea.


Carisma fish filet


As the parent company of a group of three companies, Carisma Fish is located in one of the largest fishing harbors in Norway, in the town of Måløy where the Fjord meets the Sea. Måløy is a small community with 6,000 people but still the third largest fishing community in Norway. It´s Norwegian sales company, Carisma Seafood is also located in the same Maritim Park cluster, and Carisma UK is situated in Grimsby, UK.


Carisma Seafood and Carisma UK are responsible for the supply of fish from the vessels to the global markets. It is this supply chain that allows Carisma to boast that its products are managed professionally from the moment they are caught until they arrive with their customers. 




The UK sales arm of Carisma was established in 2010 in response to increasing demand for line-caught, high-quality Cod and Haddock.


In order to create a trusted supply chain from its vessels to the restaurants in the UK, Carisma needed to develop a gateway to the UK and where better than Grimsby, Europe’s celebrated food town and home to some of the largest and best BRC-approved cold storage facilities on the continent.


Carisma UK is perfectly positioned to connect to the entire major motorways in the UK; it also has strong links to the major ports of Immingham and Grimsby where the majority of the Norwegian frozen fish is landed.