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  • Jetpak Norge AS

    Fritjov Nansens vei 2060 GARDERMOEN09899

    Jetpak offers the fastest express deliveries and we send your important shipments from door to door within a couple of hours. Same day deliveries in your country, within the Nordics and to Europe are our specialty.

  • AS Adams Express

    Håndverksveien 11 1405 LANGHUS23011450

  • Tyrholm & Farstad AS

    Grimmergata 5 6002 ÅLESUND70116300

  • Bring Parcels Ab

    Alfaset 3. industrivei 4 0668 OSLO21503700

    PNL is the Nordic region’s leading logistics company on the parcel market. Owned by the Danish and Norwegian postal companies, PNL offers unique solutions to businesses with transport requirements for parcels and pallets to, from and within the Nordi...

  • Dhl Express (norway) AS

    Gneisveien 3 2020 SKEDSMOKORSET81001345

    DHL offers integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information.

  • Nord Norsk Spedisjon AS

    Fagernesveien 2 8514 NARVIK76922190

  • Postnord AS

    Alfaset 3. industrivei 25 0668 OSLO09300

  • Thermo-Transit Norge AS

    Notenesgata 3 6002 ÅLESUND70102600

    Do you want your chilled and frozen products transported rapidly and reliably between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe? Then THERMO-TRANSIT's 400 ultramodern refrigerated lorries are at your disposal

  • World Courier (norway) AS

    Industrivegen 20 2069 JESSHEIM63946200

  • Alf Andersen AS

    Trollåsveien 8 1414 TROLLÅSEN22428600

  • Cargonet AS

    Dyvekes vei 2 0192 OSLO02369

    CargoNet AS offers transport of full-loads to the commercial market. The rail network spans the length and width of Norway and connects central locations in Norway to major European terminals. The company’s terminals are strategically located along d...

  • Dof Asa

    5392 STOREBØ56181000

  • Panalpina AS

    Brages veg 8 2060 GARDERMOEN63849800

  • Svenns Transport AS

    Bodøterminalen 8012 BODØ75578980

  • Unifeeder Norway AS

    Langes gate 1 3044 DRAMMEN22087700

  • Western Bulk Management AS

    Henrik Ibsens gate 100 0255 OSLO23133400