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  • Consilium Norway AS

    Karihaugveien 89 1086 OSLO22309030

    Consilium is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fire and gas detection, navigation and emission monitoring systems for ships, property, transportation and the oil & gas industry.

  • Dnv Gl AS

    Veritasveien 1 1363 HØVIK67579900

    DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment...

  • Hatteland Display AS

    Stokkastrandvegen 87B 5578 NEDRE VATS48142200

  • Marine Technologies Llc

    Hovlandsveien 44 4374 EGERSUND51461866

    MT produces and delivers type-approved DP systems of all IMO classes, as well as less complex DP and joystick solutions.

  • Lilaas AS

    Kongeveien 75 3188 HORTEN33031850

    Lilaas AS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of maritime control levers, joysticks and wheels. Fishing boats and ferries, supply vessels, large tankers, cruise ships and cranes are manoeuvred by control levers from Lilaas. The company has be...

  • Steinsvik Group AS

    Rundhaug 25 5563 FØRRESFJORDEN52754700

    Steinsvik AS provides control equipment for the aquaculture industry and fabricating parts and components. Common for all of Steinsvik’s products is that usage involves exposure to extreme stress for long periods of time.

  • Automasjon Og Data AS

    Nikkelveien 14 4313 SANDNES51123080

    Automasjon & Data is one of the world’s leading companies for MetOcean or meteorological and oceanographic data systems.

  • Kongsberg Maritime AS

    Strandpromenaden 50 3183 HORTEN33034100

    With more than 3,000 employees in 25 countries, Kongsberg Maritime is among the world’s leading manufacturers of marine electronics, providing innovative and reliable solutions for shipping, the offshore, oil and gas, subsea, navy, coastal marine and...

  • Parker Maritime AS

    Heiamyrå 1 4031 STAVANGER51708500

    Parker Maritime AS offers a broad range of services, including hydrographic surveying, chart production, software development, dimensional control and photogrammetry.

  • Jeppesen Norway AS

    Nyåskaiveien 2 4374 EGERSUND51464700

  • Skipper Electronics AS

    Enebakkveien 150 0680 OSLO23302270

    Skipper Electronics AS has supplied marine electronics worldwide for over 25 years. The company’s main products include hydroacoustic systems for navigation, fish finding and surveying.

  • Vissim AS

    Vollveien 5 3183 HORTEN33071890

    Based in southern Norway, VisSim AS supplies the VTMS2000, an ocean surveillance system for oil platforms that compiles information supplied by radar and other sources for use by operators. The VTMS2000 is the world’s largest offshore surveillance sy...

  • Aanderaa Data Instruments AS

    Sanddalsringen 5B 5225 NESTTUN55604800

    Aanderaa Instruments develops, manufactures and markets oceanographic and meteorological instruments, along with special systems for collecting environmental data. Since 1966, the company has manufactured and supplied a vast amount of oceanographic e...

  • Miros AS

    Solbråveien 20 1383 ASKER66987500

    Miros AS is a high-tech company that produces advanced remote sensing equipment for the shipping and offshore industries. The company’s products include the WAVEX online directional wave monitoring system for traditional vessels, naval vessels and hi...

  • Sea-hawk Navigation AS

    Vågsgaten 22 5160 LAKSEVÅG56112311

    Sea-Hawk Navigation AS represents the high end of radar sensor technology. The company’s main products are radar sensors for application within Oil Detection, Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and Navigation. The Sea-Hawk technology offers performance cr...

  • Senior Consultants AS

    Løkkeveien 13 4008 STAVANGER51517100

    Senior Services AS provide engineering and temporary employment for the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

  • Wärtsilä Valmarine AS

    Ingeniør Rybergs gate 99 3027 DRAMMEN32218100

    L-3 Valmarine is a major supplier of automation and navigation systems to advanced vessels worldwide.

  • Aptomar AS

    Stiklestadveien 3 7041 TRONDHEIM40003403

  • Auto-maskin AS

    Hvamsvingen 22 2013 SKJETTEN64845200

    Developing solutions appropriate to needs, defining the next steps forward in a rapidly changing business and technical environment, by creating a team of experts who are leaders in their fields. Auto-Maskin has become the trusted supplier for so...

  • Bodø Havneservice AS

    Rønvikfjæra 1 8012 BODØ90588343

  • Electronicon AS

    Hillerenveien 82 5174 MATHOPEN55307660

    Electronicon AS (ELC) has supported the Norwegian Navy with maintenance, engineering solutions, platform integration, commissioning, implementation and testing since 1969 in the field of maritime electronics. For the last 15 years ELC has been teamed...

  • Furuno Norge AS

    Sjømannsvegen 19 6008 ÅLESUND70102950

  • Geograf AS

    Strandgata 5 4307 SANDNES51686910

  • Kongsberg Norcontrol It AS

    Bromsveien 17 3183 HORTEN33084800

    Norcontrol IT is a world leader in the area of Vessel Traffic Service systems (VTS) and Vessel Traffic Management and Information Systems (VTMIS). The company has delivered more than 150 VTS/VTMIS solutions worldwide.

  • Moltech Norge AS

    Borgundfjordvegen 68 6017 ÅLESUND70102880

  • Scandinavian Micro Systems AS

    Trollåsveien 34 1414 TROLLÅSEN66812740

  • Telko AS

    Ødekjærveien 27 3145 TJØME33303960

  • Electronic Chart Centre AS

    Professor Olav Hanssens vei 10 4021 STAVANGER51939500

  • Hareid Elektriske Teknikk AS

    Raffelneset 6 6060 HAREID70095800

    Hareid Group's expertise spans across fields such as marine, construction, products/design, trade and finance/property. Hareid Group consists of eleven companies and 340 employees. Hareid Elektriske AS is the owner of Hareid Group. Together the compa...

  • Hitecvision AS

    Jåttåvågveien 7 4020 STAVANGER51202020