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  • Hallvard Lerøy AS

    Bontelabo 2 5003 BERGEN55213650

    As a leading exporter of fish products from Norway, Hallvard Lerøy AS maintains a consistent focus on developing markets for fresh and frozen seafood products. In 2010, the holding company The Lerøy Seafood Group had a turnover of more than NOK 9.2 b...

  • Seaborn AS

    Sandviksbodene 66 5035 BERGEN55334050

    Seaborn’s unique position as a sales organization for Norwegian fish farmers helps secure the company the best-quality fresh salmon and fjord trout all year round. The company is headquartered in Bergen and has 26 full-time employees, along with a sa...

  • Arctic Group Maritime AS

    3./4. etasje Cort Adelers gate 16 0254 OSLO22330040

    Arctic Group Maritime AS is a Norwegian seafood exporting and trading company. They mainly bring unprocessed and semi-processed fish and shellfish as well as ready meals to the industry and consumers World-Wide.

  • Drevik International AS

    Storgata 4 6002 ÅLESUND70134500

    Strategicaly located in Norway's major fishery port, Drevik International AS specializes in trading seafood raw-materials to the industry both in Norway and on world wide basis.

  • Ice Fish AS

    Strandvegen 106 9006 TROMSØ77501100

    Ice Fish AS is an exporter of fresh, frozen and salted white fish from northern Norway. The company’s staff administrates operations from its office located in Tromsø. Ice Fish aims to serve as a proponent for increasing value creation in the norther...

  • Alinco AS

    Krossern 18 1513 MOSS69277068

    Alinco AS is a family owned trading company situated in Moss, Norway. Moss is about 60 kilometres south of Oslo, the capitol of Norway. The company was established in 1998, and we have more than 10 years of experience in the international seafood bus...

  • Conchilia AS

    Hitra Fiskerihavn 7241 ANSNES72444000

    HitraMat is currently Norway’s leading producer of edible crab. The company exports its products all over the world and has put a lot of effort into developing new crab products for various markets. Its fisheries and methods of processing raw materia...

  • Polar Seafrozen AS

    Igesundvegen 24 6090 FOSNAVÅG70080610

  • Smart Farm AS

    Støperigata 2 4014 STAVANGER51595915

    An independent Norwegian company, Smart Farm AS prides itself on supplying unique patented solutions for the growing, husbandry and harvesting of mussels. The company provides a system for on-growing, a machine for husbandry and harvesting work, and ...

  • Norway Royal Salmon Asa

    Ferjemannsveien 10 7042 TRONDHEIM73924300

    Located in Kristiansand and Trondheim, Norway Royal Salmon AS has merged old family companies specializing in salmon farming and sales. The company has been a leading player in the Norwegian fishing industry for many years and is now one of the large...

  • Arctic Fish Export AS

    Husøy 8770 TRÆNA47256214

  • Bioprawns AS

    Hamneset 9068 NORD-LENANGEN77713130

  • Havfisk Asa

    Løvenvoldgata 11 6002 ÅLESUND24130160

  • Icelandic Norway AS

    c/o Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset Kjøpmannsgata 50 7010 TRONDHEIM73879200

  • Lipfish AS

    Senjavegen 22 9012 TROMSØ90835402

  • Nordic Group AS

    Dronningens gate 15 7011 TRONDHEIM73991850

  • Polar Seafood Berlevåg AS

    Samfunnsgata 12 9980 BERLEVÅG95109904

  • Aqua Marin Farming AS

    Hamnevegen 57 5200 OS93627277

  • Clipper Seafood AS

    Madlavollveien 41 4041 HAFRSFJORD51829116

    Clipper Seafood AS exports seafood to catering and retail markets, as well as to the processing industry. The company’s primary objective is to be a reliable partner, providing quality and flexible solutions to customers all over the world.

  • Coldwater Prawns Of Norway AS

    Keiser Wilhelms gate 23 6003 ÅLESUND70115500

  • Lerøy Seafood Group Asa

    Bontelabo 2 5003 BERGEN55213650

  • Norfra AS

    Strandvegen 106 9006 TROMSØ77602400

  • Ocean Supreme AS

    Gangstøvikvegen 76 6009 ÅLESUND70107500

    Ocean Supreme AS is a Norwegian seafood company specialized in serving customers in Asia with fresh airborne “Sashimi-Quality” salmon 52 weeks/year.

  • Skaar Norway AS

    Kolkaia 3 6905 FLORØ57757780

    According to an old saying, if you want to make a good catch, you need a strong network. This applies to all aspects of life and particularly to the fishing trade, of course. Skaar has this motto as its philosophy – very successfully, in fact, as the...

  • Troll Salmon AS

    Moloveien 2 1628 ENGELSVIKEN

  • Aalesund Seafood AS

    Molovegen 3B 6004 ÅLESUND70116280

    Aalesund Seafood AS is a subsidiary of Aalesund Shipping Group AS, which was established in 1959. At first, the company merely bought and sold boats, but after receiving repeated requests for fish, the company made the decision to expand the business...

  • AS Andenes Havfiskeselskap

    Havnegata 19B 8400 SORTLAND76115550

  • Bjarne Johnsen AS

    Kokstaddalen 25 5257 KOKSTAD55983200

    For 80 years, trading house Bjarne Johnsen AS has exported and imported products in the fields of groceries and foodstuffs, seafood, textiles and packaging materials, as well as raw materials for the Scandinavian food and beverage industries.

  • Brødr Remø AS

    Fiskarstrandvegen 168 6035 FISKARSTRAND70198970

  • Finny Sirevaag AS

    Midtbø 1 4420 ÅNA-SIRA38326800

    The Norwegian seafood companies Sirevaag and Finny Reker merged and became Finny Sirevaag AS in 2002. With over 100 years of seafood tradition, Finny Sirevaag is known to deliver the highest quality seafood products at the most competitive prices. Th...