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  • Green Business Norway

    Uniongata 18 3732 SKIEN90863349

  • Rainpower AS

    Instituttveien 8 2007 KJELLER64844000

    Rainpower ASA, a leading Norwegian supplier of electro-mechanical equipment, continues more than 150 years of industrial development which was initiated by Kværner back in 1853.

  • Lloyds Register Consulting - Energy AS

    Drammensveien 169 0277 OSLO40003500

    Lloyds register Consulting contributes to technical and management-oriented solutions that protect people's lives and health, protect the external environment against pollution, and increase asset enhancement and productivity. The company’s team of p...

  • Smartmotor AS

    Jarleveien 8 7041 TRONDHEIM73982500

    Since 1996 SmartMotor has developed innovative and breakthrough technologies for making highly efficient customized electrical machinery, motors and generators and drives for different industrial applications.

  • 62464444

  • Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet Ntnu

    Høgskoleringen 1 7034 TRONDHEIM73595000

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is not only a landmark in Trondheim, but is also one of the city’s largest employers and property owners. NTNU is the second-largest university in Norway, with 20,000 students and 3,800 employ...

  • Norplan A/s

    Kjørboveien 20 1337 SANDVIKA21585000

    NORPLAN is a multidisciplinary consulting partnership that combines the resources of more than 1150 of Norway's leading engineers, planners and management consultants.

  • Papir Og Fiberinstituttet AS

    Høgskoleringen 6B 7034 TRONDHEIM73605065

    Paper and Fibre Research Institute (PFI) is an independent research institute within wood fibre, pulp, paper, new biobased materials and biofuels. PFI is a subsidiary of INNVENTIA AB, a Swedish R&D-corporation with head office in Stockholm. The INNVE...

  • Aqua Energy Solutions AS

    Stendervegen 70 5542 KARMSUND41127080

  • Aventa AS

    Nedre Grønliveien 16 1472 FJELLHAMAR90585390

  • Stiftelsen Sintef

    Strindvegen 4 7034 TRONDHEIM73593000

    The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. The group generates new knowledge and solutions for its customers, based on research and development in technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social scienc...

  • Norsk Miljøkraft AS

    Solstrandanlegget Kaldslett 9020 TROMSDALEN77603100

    Norsk Miljøkraft AS (NMK) was established in 1996 and has its offices at Solstrand in Tromsø. The company has a staff of seven who manage the planning and development of wind power projects. In addition to this, the company endeavours to be a contrac...

  • Techni AS

    Ynglingeveien 42 3184 BORRE47200400

  • Transtech AS

    Lågaveien 5 3262 LARVIK33140600

    Transtech AS is one of the leading suppliers of power transmissions in Norway. The company was founded back in 1979 and is situated in the city of Larvik, 130 km south of Oslo. Transtech’s engineers are experienced in the design and supply of all typ...

  • Wave Energy AS

    Kontinentalvegen 22 4056 TANANGER41448485

    Based in Stavanger, Norway, WaveEnergy AS was set up in April 2004 to develop the Seawave Slot Cone Generator (SSG) concept. The SSG is a wave energy converter based on the wave overtopping principle utilizing a total of three reservoirs placed on to...

  • Yara International Asa

    Drammensveien 131 0277 OSLO24157000

    Yara International ASA is a leading global nitrogen fertilizer and chemicals company. It all started in 1905 based on the breakthrough technology of reacting nitrogen and oxygen directly from air, and converting it to nitric acid and calcium nitrate....

  • Doble Transinor AS

    Sorgenfriveien 9 7031 TRONDHEIM73825350

  • Eidesvik Offshore Asa

    Langevåg 5443 BØMLO53448000

  • Lyse AS

    Breiflåtveien 18 4017 STAVANGER51908000

  • Sedicon AS

    Professor Brochs gate 2 7030 TRONDHEIM73529300

  • Sway AS

    c/o Inocean AS Bryggegata 3 0250 OSLO55706500

    SWAY AS is a technology company based in Stavanger, Norway. Building on a three-year successful in-house R&D project, the company has developed unique technology enabling the deployment of large-scale floating wind turbines at deepwater offshore loca...