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  • Uni Research AS

    Nygårdsgaten 112 5008 BERGEN55585000

    Uni Research is one of the largest R&D institutions in Norway with more than 500 highly-qualified staff from over 30 different nations.

  • Universitetet I Bergen

    Muséplassen 1 5007 BERGEN55580000

    The University of Bergen (UiB) is a world-class institution in the field of marine research and education, often described as the “blue” university since marine science is one of its main priority areas. This point of interest derives naturally from ...

  • Fmc Biopolymer AS

    Industriveien 33 1337 SANDVIKA67815500

    NovaMatrix is one of the world’s leading producers and supplier of ultra-pure, well-characterized and documented biopolymers and biomaterials for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical applications. The company’s current products are spe...

  • Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet Ntnu

    Høgskoleringen 1 7034 TRONDHEIM73595000

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is not only a landmark in Trondheim, but is also one of the city’s largest employers and property owners. NTNU is the second-largest university in Norway, with 20,000 students and 3,800 employ...

  • Bionor Immuno AS

    Forskningsparken Gaustadalléen 21 0349 OSLO35908500

  • Bionor Pharma Asa

    Olav Vs gate 5 0161 OSLO23010960

  • Integrated Detector Electronics AS

    Gjerdrums vei 19 0484 OSLO67827171

    Gamma Medica Inc. designs, develops and manufactures next-generation imaging systems for both clinical and pre-clinical applications. The company invented MicroSPECT® and its X-SPECT® system is the market leader in the small animal SPECT category. Ga...

  • Stiftelsen Sintef

    Strindvegen 4 7034 TRONDHEIM73593000

    The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. The group generates new knowledge and solutions for its customers, based on research and development in technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social scienc...

  • Universitetet I Tromsø - Norges Arktiske Universitet

    Hansine Hansens veg 18 9019 TROMSØ77644000

    The University of Tromsø (UiT) has 6,600 students, a staff of 1,900 and a budget of NOK 1.6 billion, of which some 25% comes from external financing. The curriculum consists of more than 100 study programmes, including language and cultural studies, ...

  • Access Vital AS

    Furubergvegen 201 2316 HAMAR95761000

    Access Vital AS is one of the largest providers of specialist lifts and rollators in Norway for both private, office and government buildings. Our award-winning rollators (walkers), The Active Walker and Breeze Walker are sold all over the world.

  • Biosentrum AS

    Professor Olav Hanssens vei 15 4021 STAVANGER51875262

    Biosentrum has more than 15 years of experience as a contract research (CRO) and a contract manufacturing (CMO) company. Originally built and owned by Statoil, Biosentrum was subsequently fully acquired by RF-Rogaland Research and Rogaland Science Pa...

  • Høgskolen i Finnmark

    Follumsvei 31 9509 ALTA78450500

  • Høgskolen I Vestfold

    Raveien 215 3184 BORRE33031000

    The Institute for Microsystem Technology (IMST) at Vestfold University College (VUC) carries out research, development and education in the field of microsystem technology (MST). IMST develops and tests new technology for the building of microsystems...

  • Keranor AS

    Brobekkveien 104A 0582 OSLO22881320

    KeraNor is a developer, producer and supplier of flat, ceramic porous products, filters, and membranes to customers that produce, develop and/or use industrial equipment containing such components.

  • Nel Asa

    Karenslyst allé 20 0278 OSLO23248950

    DiaGenic aims to provide easy-to-use diagnostics for a number of major common diseases using easily accessible samples. Company efforts are presently dedicated to the development of a simple and rapid method for early diagnosis of breast cancer. DiaG...

  • Norut Northern Research Institute AS

    Forskningsparken i Tromsø 9294 TROMSØ77629400

    The Norut Group Ltd (Norut Gruppen AS) is a research group consisting of non-for-profit limited companies. The Norut Group has R&D activities in a total of five cities along the Norwegian coast. The head office is located in the city of Tromsø, Norwa...

  • Orthogenics AS

    Sykehusvegen 21 9019 TROMSØ77611112

    Orthogenics is an innovative biotech company located in Tromsø, Norway. The company’s breakthrough findings could revolutionize the understanding of the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis (OA), hereby providing hope for millions of people, with a prom...

  • Oslo Cancer Cluster Sa

    Ullernchausséen 64 0379 OSLO48096355

  • Pronova Biopharma Norge AS

    Lilleakerveien 2C 0283 OSLO22534850

    Pronova Biocare is a world leader within the field of omega-3-derived pharmaceutical refining production. The company’s history goes all the way back to 1838, when JC Martens in Bergen began refining oil products from fish.

  • Radiumhospitalets Forskningsstiftelse

    Ullernchausséen 64 0379 OSLO41308175

    The Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation (RF) serves as the Office of Technology Transfer and Industrial Relations for the Norwegian Radium Hospital (NRH), Northern Europe’s largest cancer centre.

  • Sero AS

    Stasjonsveien 44 1396 BILLINGSTAD66858900

  • Affitech Research AS

    Gaustadalléen 21 0349 OSLO22958758

  • Aurotech Electronics AS

    7590 TYDAL73813600

  • Diatec Monoclonals AS

    Gaustadalléen 21 0349 OSLO22958625

  • Høgskolen I Gjøvik

    BERGHUSVEIEN 2801 GJØVIK61135100

  • Høgskolen I Lillehammer

    Gudbrandsdalsvegen 350 2624 LILLEHAMMER61288000

  • Høgskolen I Telemark

    Kjølnes Ring 56 3918 PORSGRUNN35026200

  • Mericon AS

    Klosterøya Papirkaia 8 3732 SKIEN35908540

  • Nordiclabs AS

    Møllendalsveien 65C 5009 BERGEN55707095

    Nordic NeuroLab AS (NNL) is a medtech company that manufactures and supplies high-quality products for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). NNL was established in 2001 with support from Innovest AS, based on the interdisciplinary fMRI resear...

  • Norges Veterinærhøgskole

    Postboks 8146 Dep 0033 OSLO22964500