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  • Akvaplan Niva AS

    Hjalmar Johansens gate 14 9007 TROMSØ77750300

    Akvaplan-niva AS, established in 1984, offers a wide range of environmental consultancy, monitoring and research services.

  • Frionordica AS

    Holamyra 24 6445 MALMEFJORDEN37256500

    FrioNordica is an industrial refrigeration company that has extensive experience in developing cost effective cooling solutions for the fishing, fish processing and aquaculture industry. The FrioNordica group includes Aquaterm, and Finsam Refrigerati...

  • Mare Safety AS

    Stålhaugen 14 6065 ULSTEINVIK70009810

    Mare Safety AS, established in 2000, has a wide range of safety and rescue products tailor-made for both land-based industry and offshore. Over the past six years the company has enjoyed very positive growth. Mare Safety supplies the offshore i...

  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS

    6280 SØVIK70208400

    Founded in 1913, Nogva Motorfabrikk AS is one of Norway's leading suppliers of engines and propulsion equipment.

  • Brunvoll AS

    Strandgata 4-6 6415 MOLDE71219600

    Brunvoll AS has more than 100 years of experience in marine propulsion and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thruster systems. The company has delivered and installed over 6,000 thrusters worldwide to fishing vessels, cruise ships, tugs,...

  • Jotne Industrier AS

    Grenseveien 107 0663 OSLO23171500

    Jotne is a privetly held investment company with a portfolio consisting of companies in the oil/gas and mechanical industry, information technology and real estate.

  • Masto Wireservice AS

    Industrigata 14 4632 KRISTIANSAND S38097050

    Masto shaft seals are used on slow going shaft, ae screwconveyors, for preventing leakages of such difficult materials as silica carbide, silica powder, fine stone dust and other abrasive materials.

  • Norwater AS

    Høylandsbygdvegen 435 5457 HØYLANDSBYGD53483550

  • Alu Design & Services AS

    Skibåsen 44 4636 KRISTIANSAND S46826000

    At Alu-Design & Services, we offer pilot chairs and deck rails to the marine, navy, offshore and commercial industry. All of our products are manufactured according the stringent quality requirements with a focus on innovation and customization to su...

  • Coast Center Base AS

    Ågotnes 5347 ÅGOTNES56323000

    Coast Center Base (CCB) is located at Ågotnes in Fjell municipality, about a 20 minute drive from the center of Bergen. The company has been in operation since 1973 and has built up considerable expertise as a service provider, in technical maintenan...

  • Multi Pump Innovation AS

    Tjernsliveien 10 3538 SOLLIHØGDA93027080

  • Smart Farm AS

    Støperigata 2 4014 STAVANGER51595915

    An independent Norwegian company, Smart Farm AS prides itself on supplying unique patented solutions for the growing, husbandry and harvesting of mussels. The company provides a system for on-growing, a machine for husbandry and harvesting work, and ...

  • Stranda Prolog AS

    Langøyneset 6530 AVERØY71401400

  • Vulkan Skandinavia AS

    Byfogd Motzfeldts gate 6 6413 MOLDE71245990

    Tailor-made solutions as per customers requirements for marine and industrial applications.

  • 62464444

  • Gleipnir AS

    Haraldsgata 140 5527 HAUGESUND

    GLEIPNIR AS is a Norwegian company located on the west coast of Norway, which specializes within lifting, guiding and handling equipment.

  • Helly Hansen AS

    Etasje 6 Munkedamsveien 35 0250 OSLO64956030

  • Kumera AS

    Gneisveien 11 3221 SANDEFJORD33485454

    A member of the Finnish Kumera Corporation, Kumera AS has over 50 years of experience with mechanical power transmissions. The company is the only gear-unit manufacturer in Scandinavia with its own gear manufacturing facilities, guaranteeing reliable...

  • Mørenot Dyrkorn AS

    Osholmen 15 6006 ÅLESUND70160850

    Established in 1913, Mørenot Dyrkorn AS is one of Norway’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of fishing gear. The company is especially well-known for its longlining equipment and expertise, and manufactures the high-quality Dyrkorn brand of swivel...

  • Offshore & Trawl Supply AS

    Ytterlandshamna 11 6050 VALDERØYA70189494

    Offshore and Trawl Supply (OTS) is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibre ropes for tugging operations and installations in the offshore oil and gas market.

  • Peterson Packaging AS

    Peder Myhres veg 19 7055 RANHEIM81530444

    Peterson Packaging is a Norwegian market leader in the solid board packaging of fish, agricultural products and dairy products. The company’s core markets are the fisheries and aquaculture industries. Peterson’s central solid board products are boxes...

  • Trustper AS

    c/o Brækhus Dege Advokatfirma Jernbaneveien 4 1400 SKI64914141

    Our Company is pleased to contribute with technical knowledge and advices based on 40 years plus of experiences. Our core business is linked to steel preservation and basic maintenance in seawater ballast tanks for ocean going vessels. We are working...

  • Vónin Refa AS

    Strandveien 68 9300 FINNSNES77850500

    Vónin Refa is a leading manufacturer and total supplier for the global fishery and aquaculture industries. RFG has several generations of experience in serving quality-conscious customers and carries out both innovation and the upgrading of existing ...

  • Carl Stahl AS

    Midtunheia 22 5224 NESTTUN55926360

  • Center Plast AS

    Straumøyveien 141 8056 SALTSTRAUMEN75566500

  • Hydex Sylinderteknikk AS

    Grorudveien 55 0976 OSLO22917520

    Industrial tools, standard and custom cylinders HYDEX Sylinderteknikk Inc provides industrial tools, standard cylinders, design, production and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders, and accessories.

  • Lofitech AS

    Bolleveien 1 8370 LEKNES90364380

  • Mørenot AS

    6280 SØVIK70209500

    Mørenot is known as one of northern Europe’s largest total providers of equipment to the fishing and aquaculture industry. The Mørenot group is located along the Norwegian coast, in Canada, Spain, Scotland, the Shetland Islands and China. Product dev...

  • Triplex AS

    Henda 6530 AVERØY71513900

  • Aalesund Oljeklede AS

    6265 VATNE70216500