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  • Akva Group Asa

    Nordlysvegen 4 4340 BRYNE51778500

    AKVA group is a leading supplier of aquaculture technology worldwide with more than 700 employees.

  • Akvaplan Niva AS

    Hjalmar Johansens gate 14 9007 TROMSØ77750300

    Akvaplan-niva AS, established in 1984, offers a wide range of environmental consultancy, monitoring and research services.

  • Frionordica AS

    Holamyra 24 6445 MALMEFJORDEN37256500

    FrioNordica is an industrial refrigeration company that has extensive experience in developing cost effective cooling solutions for the fishing, fish processing and aquaculture industry. The FrioNordica group includes Aquaterm, and Finsam Refrigerati...

  • International Water Treatment Maritime AS

    Bjerkås Næringspark Bygg 23 3470 SLEMMESTAD31287171

    International Water Treatment Maritime AS was founded in 1992. Our main activity is non-chemical water treatment of any fresh water system to prevent corrosion. This is achieved by installing “ELYSATOR” in the different heating, cooling and steam gen...

  • Alvestad Marin AS

    Karl Johans gate 13 0154 OSLO24200030

  • Niri AS

    Gate 1 234 6700 MÅLØY92422933

    Norwegian company Niri has built the world’s biggest land-based tank for growing full size fish

  • PG Flow Solutions AS

    Nye Vakås vei 14 1395 HVALSTAD66775600

    PG Marine Group is based on a global partnership between the company Ing. Per Gjerdrum AS and leading international brands within their specific fields of operations. Fully Norwegian-owned and managed from Oslo, the company is an independent engineer...

  • Norwater AS

    Høylandsbygdvegen 435 5457 HØYLANDSBYGD53483550

  • Hordafor AS

    Salthella 5397 BEKKJARVIK56181850

  • Netkem AS

    Slalåmveien 1 1410 KOLBOTN66808215

  • Pipelife Norge AS

    6650 SURNADAL71658800

    Pipelife Norge AS is one of the most important suppliers of plastic pipe systems in Scandinavia. We are the part of Pipelife Group, which is owned by Solvay of Belgium and Wienerberger of Austria, and is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic pi...

  • Aukra Maritime AS

    Nautnesvegen 153 6480 AUKRA71171700

  • Steinsvik Group AS

    Rundhaug 25 5563 FØRRESFJORDEN52754700

    Steinsvik AS provides control equipment for the aquaculture industry and fabricating parts and components. Common for all of Steinsvik’s products is that usage involves exposure to extreme stress for long periods of time.

  • Aquascan AS

    Gosenstien 1 4041 HAFRSFJORD51483395

    Established in 1990, AquaScan AS spesializes in the development, production and marketing of fish counters. Over the past two decades the company has continually refined its technology to be able to perform fast, reliable counting of fish of various ...

  • Automasjon Og Data AS

    Nikkelveien 14 4313 SANDNES51123080

    Automasjon & Data is one of the world’s leading companies for MetOcean or meteorological and oceanographic data systems.

  • Ewos AS

    Tollbodallmenningen 1B 5004 BERGEN55697000

  • Krüger Kaldnes AS

    Hegnasletta 11 3217 SANDEFJORD91608000

    Krüger Kaldnes AS manufactures reactors for the biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. The patented Kaldnes® Moving Bed Biofilm Process is more stable, compact and efficient than comparable processes, and unrivalled even in com...

  • Octaga Visual Solutions AS

    F3 Sandakerveien 24D 0473 OSLO40727277

    Octaga Visual Solutions AS produces film, 3D animations, interactive solutions and illustrations for a whole range of companies worldwide. With years of experience from working with leading technology manufacturers, the company combines a solid fo...

  • Smart Farm AS

    Støperigata 2 4014 STAVANGER51595915

    An independent Norwegian company, Smart Farm AS prides itself on supplying unique patented solutions for the growing, husbandry and harvesting of mussels. The company provides a system for on-growing, a machine for husbandry and harvesting work, and ...

  • Stranda Prolog AS

    Langøyneset 6530 AVERØY71401400

  • Altech AS

    Bryggeveien 9 3075 BERGER32217900

    Altech AS was founded in 1996 and is located just outside of Oslo in the city of Drammen. An engineering and agency company, all of Altech’s employees have wide experience from the Norwegian and international valve markets. The company has developed ...

  • Fjell Technology Group AS

    Idrettsveien 103 5353 STRAUME97584711

    Fjell Technology specializes in design, production and repair of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, driers, evaporators and piping systems.

  • Marine Constructions AS

    Industrivegen 95 5210 OS56570200

    Marine Construction AS develops and manufactures equipment for labour-efficient aquaculture. The company has stayed at the forefront of marine fish farming technology by continually refining its products based on customer feedback. Marine Constructio...

  • Offshore & Trawl Supply AS

    Ytterlandshamna 11 6050 VALDERØYA70189494

    Offshore and Trawl Supply (OTS) is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibre ropes for tugging operations and installations in the offshore oil and gas market.

  • Rapp Hydema Syd AS

    Julius Jacobsens vei 23 1621 GRESSVIK69360700

  • Vónin Refa AS

    Strandveien 68 9300 FINNSNES77850500

    Vónin Refa is a leading manufacturer and total supplier for the global fishery and aquaculture industries. RFG has several generations of experience in serving quality-conscious customers and carries out both innovation and the upgrading of existing ...

  • Lofitech AS

    Bolleveien 1 8370 LEKNES90364380

  • Mørenot AS

    6280 SØVIK70209500

    Mørenot is known as one of northern Europe’s largest total providers of equipment to the fishing and aquaculture industry. The Mørenot group is located along the Norwegian coast, in Canada, Spain, Scotland, the Shetland Islands and China. Product dev...

  • Telcage AS

    c/o Telenor Otto Nielsens veg 12 7052 TRONDHEIM73543819

  • Aanderaa Data Instruments AS

    Sanddalsringen 5B 5225 NESTTUN55604800

    Aanderaa Instruments develops, manufactures and markets oceanographic and meteorological instruments, along with special systems for collecting environmental data. Since 1966, the company has manufactured and supplied a vast amount of oceanographic e...