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  • Retail Industry

    Wood charcoal

    We are polish leading manufacturing company. We have got long-term experience and we excel at high quality, professional service and innovative ideas.   For many years, we have been selling and improving ...

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  • Automotive Components & Parts

    Truck Scale

    We are manufacture company from Poland. We search for representation in Norway because is fantastic country for next step in our export. Our new site http://www.miw-scales.com/ show the best product for transport what w...

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  • Aircraft Industry

    Electro solutions

    We are offering outsourcing solutions for EU companies related to production of ; - Electronical parts - Electrical parts - Mechanical parts - Metalic parts - Plastic parts etc. Our clients are the manufacturer co...

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  • Telecommunications Industry

    Fiber optic networks

    Our company specializes in the construction of fiber optic networks - and expansion of existing networks. Our offer includes both underground and overhead networks. We have appropriate experience, qualified personnel a...

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  • Electromechanical Industry

    Permanent Magnet Generator

    We produce low-speed, direct drive Permanent Magnet Generator. Looking for business partner or agent for your area.   Generator power range is 50 kW-8 MW and more. These characteristics make it very suitable f...

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  • Production Components, Machinery & Tools

    Custom-made mold maker in China

    We're a custom-made mold maker for plastic parts, and die-casting. metal stamping die, rapid prototyping. etc. We provide one-stop solution as :Part design----Mould design----mould making----Part injection------Printing...

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  • Plates


    Inline Poland is one of the 9 plants included in the European Sirap group. Ever since the company was set up in 1991, we have been carefully observing the changing reality, often ahead of our time in recognizing its dema...

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  • Metals Industry

    Steel furniture

    “Eurostand”, LLC is Manufacturer and Supplier of steel furniture such as brand-name equipment; steel storage cabinet lockers; metal rack displays; metal wall mounting distribution boxes; server rack cabinets; metal compl...

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  • Electronic Components, Equipment & Subsystems

    Induction furnaces

    Eco-Build Tech is pleased to present with this proposal for future investors the following offer: 1. Purchase of induction furnaces for melting silicon with devices for the treatment and research quality. It is the high...

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  • Data Collection Equipment

    Trineo Move mobile security system

    Our innovation is in the use of a smart phone in the role of alarm system control panel. The smart phone, like a traditional control panel, communicates with motion detectors, plus it will take pictures of the intruder...

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