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  • Civil engineering / concrete structures

    3D Printing

    Rapid Crafting uses the newest and most innovative three-dimensional printing technology service with the use of the most modern 3D printers. Rapid Crafting is currently one of the most technologically advanced compan...

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  • Health, Safety & Environment

    Request for Norwegian Buying Agent

      Dear Sir/Madam, I am seeking for a Norway Buying agent to assist us buy Maritimestart Deep Clean. We have tried severally for over one week to purchase this item directly by ourself from supplier in Norway ...

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  • Supply base / warehouse / storage services

    Lashing Belts for Oil &Gas Industry

    Transporting Equipment to Offshore Platforms Lashing straps are utilised to tie bulky goods together and to fix them on suitable carriers. In combination with our buckles and fasteners, a reliable connection between p...

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  • Columns & accessories

    Pressure vessels, fuel tanks

    Zakład Produkcyjno-Remontowy "REM-SUW" Sp. z o.o. looking for buisness partner for cooperation as a subcontractor. We offer: - manufacturing components like pressure vessels, air receivres from carbon, stainl...

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  • Material technology / anti-corrosion / surface protection

    Sealing material

    We are looking for some distributors who can work with us to promote our products in NORWAY. We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the fast growing Gland packing & Sealing Material manufacturer in the world...

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  • Tank / vessel / column internals

    Liquid Co2 Tanker

    We are manufacturer of  liquid  co2 tanker, liquid co2  tanks, liquid co2 transport  tank, liquid  co2 storage & transport tanks, liquid gas storage & transport tanks , liquid co2...

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  • Directional drilling / mwd / lwd etc.

    oil and gas investing exploration extraction large norwegian companies

    We are looking for a large norwegian company to invest to explore and extract oil and gas in Phillipines for a huge project worth billions of dolllars.

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  • Petroleum products (gas, oils, fuels etc.)

    Oil & Gas Products

    The Russisn company «Kubgaz-Oil» Ltd. being a part of «Neftegaz–Invest» Group («NGI» Group) offers to supply of the russian gas and oil products for export. Company is based in Krasnodar (Krasnodarskiy Kray - Krasnodar...

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  • Preservation of mechanical & electrical components

    Pipelines corrosion protection services

    Atagor provides products and services for corrosion protection of gas pipelines and pipelines in petrochemical companies. The solutions concern a range of anti-corrosion coatings, cathdic protection, equipment, pip...

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  • Flanges, elbows, fittings, hangers & pipe supports

    Industrial piping

    Xiamen Landee Industries Co., Limited provides an extensive range of Pipe, Valves, Flanges, Pipe Fittings, Fasteners, Gaskets and other spare parts for industrial use. There are actually more than  50 product types ...

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