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  • Chocolate & Confectionary

    Trading food and beverages

    Dear Sirs, We are a general trading company based in Portugal We can offer several food products and beverages. Feel free for inquiries or information requests Kind regards AGRALIA - Produtos e Serviços, Lda. João ...

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  • Crispbreads

    Agricultural and Processed Food products Exporter from India

    We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our buyer, and that their requirement are met and exceeded. We offer high-quality work to meet the buyer requirement. We’re committed to providing you with top no...

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  • Preserves

    Fruit and vegetable

    We have offices in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Cape Verde island working food and beverage.

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  • Cured & Smoked Meats


    Export  of , Home textiles,   Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Woven Garments  Etc

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  • Aquavit

    Aerated Fruits Flavor water

    Elisha fruits flavour aerated drink is one of our main products which mainly for the OEM and export to France, Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea, Bahamas, Chile and Wallis. USA FDA number for our products is 16686461...

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  • Oils & Fat

    100% extra virgin olive oil

    I am 34 years old, I worked at Pfizer (IBM support IT) 7 years and now  I'm a producer and trader of selected groves of extra virgin olive  oil. My business ID is 133970613000 and my VAT  108364665 Dim...

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  • Spices, Vinegar, Sauces


    Dear Sir/Madam, We VAYA Exports from India, supplier of Spices, Fruits and Vegetables and other food products direct from the farm. We provide best quality Indian Garlics having good aroma and taste. We supply Garlics...

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  • Oils & Fat

    Nuts and oil

    I am an exporter from India. I am exporting the following products to Europe,USA,Middle east,Korea. following are the products i am dealing. 1) Virgin Coconut oil (Organic certified) 2) Desiccated coconut powder (orga...

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  • Vegetables

    Beans and fruit

    Dear all I am John Mwenja i do have products and am searching for consumer to your counrty my products are as follows: fresh  beans (cut 1) fresh fruits (cut 1) Thanks for your consideration i will be glad if i ...

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  • Fruit

    Oranges, Greece

    Dear all, I represent a company from Greece that exports oranges. My office is in Athens and the factory is at the area Skafidaki few km out of Argos of Peloponisos. We can supply big quantities of oranges at the best...

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